Monday, March 30, 2009

Learning and advancing

Here is a brief report from Lakewood, CO (B). It shows how, once a few dedicated souls rise up and experiment with teaching, that things start moving forward. They have carried out both teaching in neighborhoods and sharing the Message with their close contacts. They have also stayed flexible, focusing on areas where they are encountering the highest level of interest.

This cluster recently advanced to the B-stage with a relatively small Bahá’í population. It had taken on its first experimental teaching effort at the end of its time as a C-stage cluster. A few teaching teams were formed and visited an apartment complex where a local Bahá’í resides, with the intent of setting up a junior youth group. They did not encounter a lot of interest, so they switched course to a nearby complex. There was greater receptivity there and enthusiasm for teaching grew. Over the course of the weekend, the teams were able to give 4 presentations on the Faith. Over the next weekend, a follow-up meeting was held at the library, and 17 friends and family members and coworkers of Bahá’ís came out for the gathering! At the table where literature and interest cards were displayed, a signup sheet was added for a study circle on "Reflections on the Life of the Spirit." A few people signed up.

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