Monday, March 30, 2009

No matter the venue, teaching teams reach out

The friends in Westminster, CO (A) have recently launched an intensive program of growth. Their initial experiences are inspiring. One intriguing point from this brief report is that their teaching teams are leaving no stone unturned and using a variety of approaches. Some are visiting homes in neighborhoods, while others are systematically reaching out to their community of interest. In all cases, the teaching teams are finding ways to meet people and share the Faith.

This cluster advanced to the B-stage, and then quickly to the A-stage, with a high degree of ownership, enthusiasm, and an outward-looking orientation.

The cluster held a door-to-door teaching project during the B-stage to boost its community of interest. After advancing to the A-stage, the believers also decided to incorporate reaching out to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers during the expansion phase of its newly-launched intensive program of growth. The friends began with a Book 1 refresher course. They formed 8 teaching teams with a calendar full of activities to which seekers could be brought. Teams visited homes went door-to-door in two areas and made appointments among their friends and associates to give presentations on the Faith. . . .

At one presentation to a couple, the listeners so loved the prayer that was offered during the presentation that they decided they would use it together in their morning devotions. They then critiqued the presentation, noting improvements that could be made in delivery.

Another team visited a lady who was at first hesitant because she had been ill. But she invited the friends in. When the team shared a healing prayer with her, she showed the utmost reverence. After the prayer, she seemed very relieved, exchanged contact information, and asked the team to come back and see her. The team can't wait to make its follow-up visit.

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