Thursday, April 16, 2009

Assisting the friends to carry out their pledges

The pledges made at the recent Regional Bahá’í Conferences are the foundation of so much of the progress that has occurred in clusters throughout the country. The friends are learning how to coordinate and plan their efforts so that all the earnest services carried out in the field can effectively support each other. Organized and encouraging follow-up is key. A good example of this is the letter sent out by the Regional Bahá’í Council for the South Central states to a number of friends. It illustrates how the friends can be directed to transform their yearning to serve into practical accomplishments.

Dear Friends,

An email letter (below is an example) has been sent to follow up with those friends who have pledged to be a mobile tutor, travel teacher, or homefront pioneer. The Auxiliary Board members and core groups were copied on these communications.

To: The friends who have pledged to assist the __ Cluster (on Bcc: line)

Dear Friends,

The South Central Council was delighted to receive your pledge from the Regional Conference which shared your intention to arise as a mobile tutor, travel teacher, and/or homefront pioneer in service to the Five Year Plan. We were especially pleased to note that many of you have completed the sequence of courses of the training institute, an accomplishment that will best prepare you to take on this important service. . . .

As you carry out your commitment, whether within the cluster where you now reside or in another goal cluster, whether for a short period of time or on a more permanent basis, the Council stands ready to assist you. As you make your plans, we offer some suggestions that may smooth your path. These include:

Consultation with the Auxiliary Board members assigned to the area to determine the most advantageous place for you to render your services (or settle if homefront pioneering). We can provide you with the contact information, if needed.

Brush up on your skills, particularly those of tutor, children’s class teacher, junior youth group animator and direct teacher. Institute refresher courses may be available in the cluster where you now reside and certainly participating in direct collective teaching initiatives and practicing Anna’s presentation will better equip you in your service.

Consult with the friends living in the cluster to learn more about their capacity and challenges. Here again, the Council can provide you with the contact information.

Pray that the doors will be opened for your service.

The Council is praying for your efforts and looking forward to receiving the results of your devoted services.

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