Thursday, April 16, 2009

Get ready for the freight train

The momentum is clearly building in the Central Mountains, NC (B) cluster. Core activities are starting and the friends are arising with new energy. We’re highlighting this excerpt of a recent report from one of the believers because it shows a particularly exciting development: The formation of a junior youth group. This core activity is often challenging to begin, but once even a few junior youth become enthusiastic about participating, there is no stopping them! (That’s why we have the runaway train imagery!)

A junior youth group has commenced. They plan to meet every two weeks and see where the group takes them from there. The junior youth had several ideas for service projects and the animators are planning to guide the consultation to a conclusion to pick one project that they can be successful with. One of the animators commented that the group was so enthusiastic and so happy to have some direction. She said it was effortless because they want to find ways to be a positive force in their community. The junior youth had unbounded excitement and so many ideas for ways they could benefit their community.

Dear friends, all I can say is get ready because opportunities are coming down the track like a freight train on the loose! Be ready to jump on board; this cluster has momentum and wants to keep going!

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