Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Personal systematic action on pledges

A few months ago, the pledges were made. And now they are being carried out! One of the beautiful things about the series of Regional Bahá’í Conferences in December is that not only have so many of the believers been mobilized into action, their services are being carried out in a systematic, organized, methodical manner. That is why we are sharing some excerpts of an individual believer in the South Central region, who reports the progress made so far on their own personal pledges—which, by the way involve several communities in a number of clusters. It is one example of the types of persistent and focused efforts that are helping clusters throughout the country advance.

Personal Three-Month Plan for Moving a Goal Cluster in the Region: Log of Personal Accomplishments So Far


Recited daily the Teaching Prayer for the region to recognize receptive souls

Participated in prayer campaigns, and specific daily prayers for specific matters.

Participated in weekly devotional meetings. . . .


Completed Ruhi __ in an intensive course.

Competing Ruhi __.

Not yet completed Ruhi __.

Will participate in intensive institute campaign in __ cluster.

Co-tutoring Ruhi __ in __. Will probably complete in a few weeks.

Co-tutoring Ruhi __ in another cluster; halfway done.

Co-tutoring Ruhi __ in __.

Participating in a one-on-one study circle with a friend.


Organized home visits by members of the __ community to an isolated believer.

Carried out a home visit to another friend.

Helped with children’s classes in __.

Have tried to start a junior youth group but this has not happened yet.


Have expanded personal contacts for teaching. Record contact information for everyone with whom I discuss the Faith so I can stay in touch with them.

Made connections with other friends to strengthen friendship and begin spiritual conversations. I have also tried to use a direct approach when teaching the Faith.

Participated on direct teaching team that shared Anna’s presentation, resulting in several individuals asking for more information about the Faith and requesting return visits, which then led to some declarations.

Organizing fireside.

Made an additional contribution to the local fund for the teaching work.

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