Friday, April 10, 2009

An engaging conversation

It’s happening more and more frequently. Someone contacts the Bahá’í community, perhaps through the 1-800-22-UNITE phone line, or the public Web site, or perhaps meets the friends at a core activity or during a teaching project. They ask to know about the Faith. A believer shares the fundamental verities through a heart-to-heart conversation, perhaps at their home, or at a public venue. A new soul enters the Cause and joins the community. This brief report from the Southwest region is along these lines. What is striking is the direct, engaged, conversation between the teachers and seekers. The declarations were naturally followed up with a study circle, and they are not letting geographic distance get in the way: look at what technology can do . . .

E met with myself and another believer. She brought along a friend, B. E was responsive immediately through the entire presentation. . . .

We had met at a coffee shop near her place of work. When we finished Anna’s presentation, she said she had questions, I said WONDEFUL! She asked about the teachings of the Faith about Christ, and we discussed progressive revelation and the importance of God never leaving humanity alone.

She also asked where Bahá’ís meet, as she wanted to meet other Bahá’ís. We discussed some of the activities in her area. B asked E if she had other questions. She said no, he said neither do I, and both declared their belief in Bahá’u’lláh right there.

It was such an amazing and spiritual encounter. We discussed the concept of obligatory prayer, as well as Ruhi Book 1. We covered a few of the first quotations during that meeting. She is now participating in a study circle at her home. B lives in another city but is participating in the study circle via a computer chat program so they can see each other and include him in the conversation.

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