Friday, April 10, 2009

You know you love the numbers! (Because they show us how far we've come)

We’ve pulled out the following excerpt from this report of recent teaching activities in the Pee Dee, SC (A) cluster since it launched its intensive program of growth. It’s a lot of numbers and figures, and in this case the numbers very clearly illustrate the tremendous progress the friends have made, both with teaching and follow-up, just in the past few months, as well as the high receptivity to the Faith.

Dear friends,

As you can see, the Pee Dee cluster has made great progress. Where previously it was quite challenging to commence a Book 1 study circle, now 14 of the 18 most recent declarants are participating in Book 1. Also you can see that after sharing Anna’s presentation 35 times with seekers, 18 people declared, which is a strong indicator of both the effectiveness of the teaching and the receptivity of the community.

Now for the numbers: (You know you love the numbers!)

From 12-13-08 thru 03-05-09 in the Pee Dee Cluster . . .

We visited 251 different homes in 7 different areas of the cluster.

We made 587 total visits to those 251 homes. . . .

There were 308 times that there was no answer.

There were 66 times that we got the response of “not interested”.

There were 218 times that we were invited for a return visit.

There were 35 individuals with whom Anna’s presentation was shared.

We had 18 dear souls declare their belief in Bahá’u’lláh.

We had 14 of the new believers start Ruhi Book 1.

We had 4 of the new believers study at least one deepening theme from Ruhi Book 2.

We have 1 of the new believers already hosting regular devotional gatherings at their home.

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