Monday, June 22, 2009

All four core activities sprouting up in South Middlesex

This report of the latest cycle of the intensive program of growth in South Middlesex County, MA (A) caught my eye because it demonstrates how the core activities are truly the foundations of teaching and building community. Within this cluster examples of all four core activities are sprouting up, each with a story of a heart-to-heart connection behind it!

Last week a teaching team visited a family they had met during a previous teaching effort. They met __, a radiant junior youth, and spoke with him about the Faith and the importance of the empowerment of junior youth. They decided to start a junior youth group with __ and his friends, and he actively took part in the planning of this group. One of the team members immediately agreed to serve as the animator for the group. The team then followed this up with an invitation for the whole family to attend the upcoming fireside. . . .

In another locality, a few teaching teams went to visit a neighborhood that had been previously explored by another believer. They found an incredible community of families with children. In home after home, the friends were invited in, and they shared the Message with receptive souls. In just two hours they had met many people who wanted to investigate the Faith further. Two believers carried out follow-up visits over the next two days, and as a result, one of these individuals has committed to hosting a new children’s class in her home! A number of other parents in this neighborhood have also expressed interest in the spiritual education of their children. We are truly beginning a new relationship with this wonderful new community.

In yet another locality, we have reached out to 2 new families and 2 other seekers, who have begun to attend the children’s classes and devotional gatherings. A new study circle is beginning today with one of these seekers, who feels she is ready to seriously investigate becoming a part of the Faith. An additional devotional gathering will begin on Saturday. Throughout the week, these seekers have been calling us, with such joy and inspiration in their voices, and with a sense of commitment to be part of creating a new world.

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