Monday, June 22, 2009

Prayer opens doors in Allentown

Allentown, PA (A) has recently completed the expansion phase of the first cycle of its intensive program of growth, and what is particularly striking about the set of the friends’ teaching stories is the centrality of prayer. Whether devotional gatherings or sharing of healing prayers during a home visit, prayers are a way to connect hearts. The friends are finding that the people they meet are open to and grateful for sharing of prayers and are moved by the experience.

My friend came to the devotional gathering arranged at the __s’ home. Her words to me afterwards were, “I could feel the spirit in the room as soon as I came in. This is where it was happening!” She loved seeing how the children were welcomed and hearing the prayer “O God, educate these children” sung. . . .

We met this family on a teaching day. D shared all of Anna’s presentation in Spanish. Later, another family member arrived from the hospital, and D offered to say a healing prayer. As she read, the newly arrived family member fell to tears. They all wanted us to come back and when asked if they want to have a children’s class in their house, they said yes. They have two younger youth that they are interested in having them join the junior youth group.

We visited some other families. They have been experiencing many different tests—illnesses, economic difficulties. So we share prayers for healing, prayers for overcoming tests and difficulties. Everyone is grateful and appreciative of the prayers.

We visited another household who welcomed us in for the sharing of prayers. Although they initially indicated that they were not interested because “we have our own church”, they wanted us to return again and were in fact very open to everything we shared.

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