Monday, June 15, 2009

"The prayers are working."

These brief messages from the South Central region involve one of the “seeker response” regional specialists trying to follow up with an individual who had contacted the Bahá’í community asking for more information. Note how the prayers of the friends assisted the teaching process with the seeker.

Dear J

Did you or someone you know attend the Holy Day or the program the next day? I’d like to ask about a possible guest. We corresponded a bit and he was planning to attend one or both events, and I just wanted to see if anyone met him. . . .

Thank you very much.


Later (after many prayers):

Dear friends,


Mystery solved. The seeker I asked about earlier called me out of the blue today. He shared how he's doing.


The prayers are working. Please know that I was in the process of 'affirming' him, but this is not yet complete. A couple of weeks ago I shared half of Anna’s presentation with him. If he attends any event or if a teaching team contacts him, please mention my name and that he might like to join a study circle or attend a devotional gathering.

We'll see if I can complete the process in this month, and then communicate with the beloved Assembly. If not, he may want to be a seeker and friend of the Faith. In either case, please keep him in your prayers.



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