Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick follow-up to an online registration

Here is a brief but very compelling report of a declaration in a B-stage cluster in the Central region. This individual is one of the growing numbers of people who have taken advantage of the opportunity to register their belief in Bahá’u’lláh online. This new believer was quickly connected to her local Bahá’í community and to the institute process. This also shows the importance of home visits in the follow-up process.

It’s official! We have a newly registered Bahá’í in our locality. I’m meeting with her and the community at the next Nineteen Day Feast, and will speak with her to arrange a new tutor to meet with her. Thank you for the prayers, we are feeling the effects!

Further details: M found the Faith on her own. She has been investigating and searching for a Faith. She called up P, who was the listed contact in the newspaper article on the Faith that she had read. M investigated it online, and she registered herself online. The seeker response regional specialist then sent an email to P verify the registration. P visited M for the first time, and M said that she’s too old to monkey around, and she doesn’t want to waste time. She wants to immerse herself into the community and doesn’t need any more questions answered. So, I spoke at length with P, and suggested she visit M’s home a least one time each Bahá’í month (and take some of the other believers who need to build their confidence in carrying out this service). It’s also good if she can attend Feast, and begin participating in study of Ruhi Book 1 as soon as possible. I’m going to meet with her to introduce her to the institute process and connect her with a tutor. We are all too excited.

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