Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Engaging the youth (and disengaging the cell phones)

I really enjoyed reading this email announcement from the Nevada South (A)’s area teaching committee. They have organized what promises to be a wonderful event for the youth in their cluster. And here’s why: It is going to empower the youth to contribute in various ways to the Five Year Plan. It is a simple, short, manageable weekend that most people would feel they could be ready for and successfully complete. (I have sometimes felt as if I would have to take a grueling 3-month long special class to be ready to become involved in the teaching work—the organizers of this initiative are removing all such worries.) And finally, they have made a truly daring move: CONFISCATING CELL PHONES!

Dearly Beloved Youth,

On behalf of the Training Institute, we would like to invite you to the second SOUTHERN NEVADA SUMMER YOUTH INITIATIVE! We are arising to fulfill objectives of the Five Year Plan. This weekend will also be the starting point of our service. All participants will be accompanied to do home visits, host a fireside, or form a new junior youth group. . . .

Basic Information:

We will be gathering on: Thursday __ at 5 pm and finishing on Sunday __ in the early afternoon. We ask that you stay the entire duration of the weekend.

The Training Institute has made arrangements for the guys and gals to stay in separate homes. Please see below on what to bring.

Please arrive at: Las Vegas Baha’i Center by 5 pm on Thursday ___.

Age: All youth aged 15 to 25 are invited.

What to Bring:

Towel, swimming attire, toothbrush, toothpaste, casual clothing for 4 days, pajamas, toiletries, sleeping bag, laundry/garbage bag, pen, notepad, and your Prayer Book.

Meals will be provided. Chaperones will be in place in both the housing for boys and the housing for girls. Please bring $5.00 to buy your Ruhi book.

Cell Phone/iPod:

Please let your parents know that during the Youth Initiative your cell phones and Intelligent Pods will be commandeered and placed in the "tech box." If your family needs to reach you they will be able to call M or Y at numbers we will provide them. During certain breaks you will be able to use your cell phone.

The pre-requisite for the Youth Initiative is to have completed Ruhi Book 1. If you have not taken Book 1, please contact M to do an intensive course before this event begins. Also, you must have a willingness to devote time, energy and effort to the spiritual education of all.

With great joy we look forward to serving with you always!

With love,

Area Teaching Committee of Southern Nevada

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