Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Of the youth, by the youth, for the youth

We’ve shared stories and reports and even email chains on this blog. Now we’re sharing a thank you note. The writer is a believer in the Waukegan, IL (*C) cluster who opened her home during a recent weekend to an “intensive-format” training institute course (in this case, Ruhi Book 2, which helps build one’s capacity to carry out home visits and share deepening themes). The recipients are the young Bahá’ís who tutored the course. You can see that this was a weekend of the youth, by the youth, for the youth. You can also see how it empowered and inspired the participants, including some newly-declared Bahá’ís.

Just a note to thank everyone who made last weekend not only possible, but a success.

I appreciate so much our wonderful tutors’ efforts. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

We had very capable youth who handled everything so exceptionally well and made the event both fun and informative for our youth and even though we only had four or five participants in the training, it was definitely a success. I have to say from what my daughter told me, her friend (who has only been a Bahá’í for about a year), has expressed interest in studying more of the Ruhi books and has enjoyed herself very much and would like to come back for more intensives. . . .

We also had the pleasure of meeting __, who is a brand new Bahá’í [and who registered online], and this has been his first Bahá’í activity experience. He also said he was interested in studying more Ruhi courses. When I asked him how his day was, he said it was great and that everyone was so pleasant.

Another youth whose family joined the Faith a few years ago, enjoyed doing the Book 2 intensive. I think the fact that these study circles are being tutored by young people who are deepened and so loving is what makes a great impression on our young attendees.

My daughter told me that “Even though I had taken Book 2 before, it seemed like I was doing it for the first time.” She also enjoyed it immensely and is looking forward to doing more books. Even though my son could only be there partially, he enjoyed very much the time he spent with everyone.

I was wondering if it's possible to have an intensive youth study circle in our cluster at least one weekend a month for the rest of this Bahá’í year. Our cluster would certainly benefit from it and it would be wonderful to have some more young tutors by the end of this year.

My house is always available for your Bahá’í get-togethers and there is so much that still remains to be done.

With much gratitude and love for your sincere services,


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