Friday, August 7, 2009

Joyful direct teaching in South Hampton Roads

Just across our desk: A report of a spirited and successful collective, direct teaching effort in South Hampton Roads, VA (B). The friends came together (from near and far) in a spirit of unity and joy, they reached out to their neighbors, and read on to see the results! One interesting aspect is that they organized a “consolidation team” BEFORE the teaching even began—this is systematic planning.

In a very flexible, coordinated and spiritual effort, 3 weekends of collective teaching finished Sunday afternoon with singing and celebration.

Throughout the effort, we prayed for divine assistance, followed the guidance of our Auxiliary Board member, and served together as a team. Friends came from the North Hampton Roads cluster, North Carolina and Northern Virginia to help. A community BBQ, a reflection meeting and daily morning prayers all fanned flames of faith.

Then it happened . . .

Sunday afternoon the teaching teams met new seekers, and 3 adults and 4 children registered in the Faith. Thank you Bahá’u’lláh!

In addition to this, 15 children were signed up by their parents for a new neighborhood children’s class. 7 children came the first week, and 7 came the second week.

More than 30 people would like to receive home visits to learn more! A consolidation team had been arranged before the teaching effort started, and this team will start visiting the homes of the new Bahá’ís and seekers this weekend. We need you to join us in this phase.

Thank you to everyone who helped in some way! Love to all!

With love,

Your cluster core team

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see young people of diverse cultures having good clean fun! My heart is happy to read and see the results of your teaching in the Hampton-Roads, VA area. My brother and his family live there and during a recent visit in July, I said the teaching prayer for the Southern States daily. Keep up the good work!