Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Snail mail saves the day

As many recent postings on this site have shown, technology is an excellent tool when connecting with seekers. When that doesn’t work, however, it’s nice to know that “the old fashioned way” (in this case, snail mail) is also an option. Here is a brief report from the Southwest region about a seeker who contacted the Bahá’í community through the 800-22-UNITE phone line. The seeker response “regional specialist” reports:

Dear all,

__ called the 800-22-UNITE phone line. The local friends contacted her with an initial phone call. It was decided to set up a home visit, but when they tried to call her again the number was no good. She had left an address, so the friends sent an invitation via mail. She replied with her new contact information. A home visit was set up.

Here is an account of the meeting:

H and I are happy to report that we were able to meet with __ and her friend before this last Saturday. Both enrolled after hearing Anna's presentation. __ is going to be in another state for the next 4 months so we are going to try to get in contact with the Bahá’ís there. We are trying to get __ into a Ruhi Book 1 we have on Fridays and also have him participate in our monthly devotionals.

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