Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Haven moves forward

This brief report from New Haven, CT (B) shows a cluster progressing on multiple fronts. Some innovative approaches to training institute courses are enabling a greater number of the friends to participate and to advance through the sequence of courses. The friends are trying to reach out to their contacts in a variety of ways, as well as respond to seekers that are directed to them.

Ruhi classes have been accelerated and organized to engage more tutors and participants. The cluster institute coordinator has organized and implemented a way to facilitate the rapid advancement of participants through the courses. Some people take the courses out of order, others take multiple courses. In other words, people no longer wait for a course to be completed to take the next course. We are also giving homework assignments and ensuring that the teaching activities and home visits that are assigned are carried out.

New Haven had a very successful beach party to which a lot of contacts attended. It was a huge teaching activity.

One of the Bahá’ís has shared Anna’s presentation with and said prayers with many au pairs from several different countries.

We have also received news of a seeker who is interested in the Faith. Local believers are reaching out to seekers and inviting them to core activities.

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