Friday, August 21, 2009

New resource: materials in Braille, large-print, and audio books

We are very excited to post, on our “Resources” section at the right margin of this page, a link to a very important site: The Bahá’í Service for the Blind. Here you can borrow a wide variety of materials in Braille, large-print books, and audio-books. (This link is titled, “Materials in Braille . . .”) This is an excellent resource that helps make the Message accessible to a wider range of people, as well as empower more teachers. An individual believer shared this link with us; her description follows:

Dear friends,

I'd like to bring to your attention materials available from the Bahá’í Service for the Blind. But wait! It serves so many other purposes than only for those friends who are blind! Materials of all types are available on cassette tape (using special tape recorders designed for this purpose), in large print, and in Braille. . . .

Those who benefit from these services include anyone who is visually impaired, at any level that impacts reading of normal-sized text, for whatever reason. Additionally, it covers those with cognitive difficulties, including learning disabilities which make reading difficult (such as dyslexia, etc.), or dementia. It also includes people who have physical disabilities where they cannot turn the pages of a book, or those who have allergies to ink or paper.

The number of books available on cassette tape is very large and comprehensive. (Books on tape are not available except to those individuals who qualify, as outlined above.) The large-print section is smaller but growing steadily, as are materials in Braille. The Service for the Blind is an agency of our National Spiritual Assembly so there is a charge for materials to cover production and material costs. Shipping is free due to postal regulations for these items.

Of special note is that all of the Ruhi books (except for Book 5, teaching junior youth) are now available in Braille, large print, and on cassette tape!

Here is the website [also posted in the Resources section of the blog]:

As our clusters grow, there are those Bahá’ís and friends who may benefit from these services.

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