Friday, August 21, 2009

Quick follow-up helps new believer hit the ground running

Here is a brief report of a new believer in a B-stage cluster in the Southwestern region. The local friends systematically followed up with him after learning of his online declaration. As you can see, he has hit the ground running!

__ is a student who read about the Faith on the internet and checked out a Bahá’í book from the library. He investigated the Faith thoroughly and registered online.

We received his contact information, emailed him, got his phone number, met him, gave him a prayer book, Ruhi 1, and other Bahá’í books, and set up a time to share Anna’s conversation. A few days later, he came to the community reflection meeting. A couple days after that we went over the basics of the Faith; he took a copy of Anna’s presentation because he is eager to share he new beliefs with his friends, and we will accompany him in these endeavors.

Just 11 days after declaring online, he is studying Ruhi Book 1 and has started Book 2.

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