Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is this not what we have been praying for?

With awe, we share with you this story from Phoenix, AZ (A). In less than 2 years since the friends there launched their IPG, they have been through 7 incredible cycles. What follows is a report of the expansion phase activities of a teaching team, the “Lean on Me Team”, composed entirely of new believers. Just read it. You will cry with happiness.

Dearest Friends,

Today Bahá’u’lláh showered His blessings upon the Bahá’í community. What an honor and joy it was to witness!

First, let me remind you that during the cluster reflection meeting, the “Lean on Me Team”, the first teaching team composed entirely of members from the receptive neighborhood, was formed. And now, they have acted! . . .

They began the expansion phase by hosting a devotional gathering last week, inviting their friends and neighbors.

Today was even greater! In collaboration with the other teams serving in this neighborhood, a fireside and a “Family Day” took place, as well as a devotional hosted by one of the new believers!

There were so many joyous successes today.

One seeker, __, who is the neighbor of a Bahá’í couple and who first attended a devotional in their home during the last cycle, attended one again last week. I, a new believer himself, met __ there and invited her to the "Lean on Me Team" devotional scheduled for the following day. She attended! M and I, both new believers and members of the teaching team, then invited her to their upcoming Fireside. She attended that too. And at the fireside, THEY SHARED ANNA’S CONVERSATION WITH HER. And . . . Yes, she declared!

Next, there was Family Day, which all the teams supported in an effort to build a unified community. It was filled with music, games, hula hooping, meeting new friends and building new bridges.

Finally, the day ended with a devotional at C's! For many months she has tried to host one but it has not worked out for various reasons. But now she was finally able to organize one, and 2 members of the community of interest attended tonight. She was so excited that she was talking about which co-workers she will invite next time.

I am in awe. I can not express the joy and excitement I feel. Is this not what we have been praying for? It will be two years in December since our IPG was launched. Imagine where we will be next year?

Your area teaching committee

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