Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Milwaukee keeps moving forward

Here is brief update from Milwaukee, WI (B), where the friends continue to make progress on several fronts. Also check out on the slideshow several photos from their successful teaching booth at the Indian Summer Festival, a widely-attended annual Native American event in the area. Finally, the cluster is poised for future growth with a newly established area teaching committee.

There are now 6 regularly held Devotional Meetings in the cluster (taking place in localities all throughout the cluster)!

7 New Believers enrolled this cycle

25 believers involved in Teaching Activities this cycle

3 Study Circles happening, with 15 participants

3 Children's Classes

The new Area Teaching Committee is eager to assist the friends in enhancing and systematizing their teaching work, creating a collective vision, and continuing an ongoing process of consultation, action and reflection in 3-month cycles of activity.

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