Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mobilizing youth for priority clusters

All the regions in the country are focusing their attention on several clusters that are scheduled to advance to the A-stage and launch intensive programs of growth. It’s a big push that will take lots of dedicated human resources. The Regional Bahá’í Council for the Northeastern states has identified a rich pool of human resources—Bahá’í youth—and an upcoming opportunity—school vacations, and has immediately acted on this opportunity by systematically mobilizing youth throughout the region. The Council reports:

The Regional Council sent the message below today to everyone on our email list, including all cluster agencies, Local Assemblies and registered groups. Another message will be sent early next week to the cluster agencies in all clusters asking them to personally contact each high school and college age youth in their cluster to encourage and help them take part in this initiative. . . .

Here is the text of the announcement:

YOUTH! What are you up to during winter and spring breaks?

Why not help clusters advance!

The Regional Bahá’í Council of the Northeastern States offers a special invitation to high school and college-age youth to serve in goal clusters during your winter and spring breaks. We need you to serve for a weekend, a week, a month or more to tutor study circles, teach children’s classes, serve as animators of junior youth groups, or do direct teaching.

You will help at least 10 northeast clusters advance to launch an intensive program of growth by Ridván 2010. Short-term pioneers of any age are also needed in these and other clusters.

“In the forefront of this spiritual adventure are the Bahá’í youth. Taking advantage of their relatively greater freedom and energy, they demonstrate their effectiveness as teachers of children’s classes, serve as institute tutors, stimulate study of the Writings among their peers and provide convincing examples of the inner resources released by the devotional life.”

The Universal House of Justice, December 21, 2003, To the Bahá’í Youth of the Northeastern States

Be assured of our prayers for your happiness in service to the Cause.

Regional Bahá’í Council of the Northeastern States

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