Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Different doorways, same loving response

Every day, seekers continue to reach out to the Bahá’í community through the public Web site or the 800-22UNITE phone line. Each story is unique, and it is amazing to see some of the channels through which people first learn of the Faith. And when this individual contacted the Bahá’ís, regional seeker response specialists from various parts of the country worked together to welcome him and put him in touch with the local friends.

Dear Friends,

I received a call today from a man who has been on a very interesting search and path.

I asked how he got my contact information, and he told me that he had visited a Christian Web site called “Religious Facts”. On that site, he learned about the other world religions, and so decided to investigate the Bahá’í Faith. . . .

He went online and also called the 800-22UNITE phone line, and some information and a prayer book was mailed to him. He had also visited the local library and was very disappointed that they had very little information on the Faith.

He said that the letter he was mailed had my 800 number. I explained that I would be happy to assist him, but since he lives in __ I would turn his information over to you and that you would work with him. We spent about 45 minutes going over Anna’s presentation. He is remarkable and very deep in his understanding of the Teachings.

Loving greetings to you both!

This individual later registered online, and the regional specialists are arranging for follow-up by the local friends.

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