Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gaining courage in Boise

Boise, ID (A) just launched its intensive program of growth, and the report of its first expansion phase is quite exciting. The one thing that strikes me the most about this story is that you can see the friends, each in their own way, gradually gaining courage to do things they haven’t done before. Note also the enthusiastic response of neighbors, seekers, and members of the community of interest to the core activities. What a thrilling start!

The IPG launch in the Boise cluster had 23 friends at the prayer gathering and lunch. With the love and assistance of a member of the Regional Bahá’í Council, we were guided to the field of action. His wise counsel prepared us for what was to be a successful day. We met at the home of a friend who has home front pioneered to a neighborhood that we had identified as receptive. . . .

25 people—3 of whom had recently declared as a result of their participating in a Book 1 study circle—gathered to be assigned into teaching teams. The teams were met with receptivity and families were open to have their children attend the Bahá’í children’s class. A devotional gathering held in the home of the homefront pioneer was attended by 5 seekers. Many other contacts were also made.

A key area of learning for the friends: individuals who were initially uncomfortable with going into the neighborhood found that, by being the “prayer partner” on the teaching team in the field gave them the joy and confidence to also teach.

One of the friends had started a children’s class in her neighborhood. She wanted to start a devotional gathering as well, but was a little apprehensive. She shared her fear with a neighbor who is a member of the community of interest. A short while late, she came home after being out and saw this friend running up to her. This friend then explained that had already visited all the neighbors and invited them to the prayer meeting! In other words, this friend had already arranged for the devotional, and all the Bahá’í then had to do was to set the time and place!

We are only getting started but confirmations are assisting the friends of the cluster to move forward with confidence.

We would like to thank the members of the Continental Board of Counselors, the National Spiritual Assembly, the Regional Bahá’í Council, the Regional Training Institute, the Office of Cluster Advancement, and every resource sent to our cluster for giving us the direction, guidance, training, love and courage to launch our Intensive Program of Growth. We humbly lay the effort on the foot steps of the Universal House of Justice and beg for their/your prayers as this cluster moves forward.

Humbly submitted


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