Thursday, February 25, 2010

Keep it simple and start right away

Here is the touching story of an individual who declared her belief in Bahá’u’lláh online.  The regional seeker response specialist worked with the local friends to complete her enrollment and follow up with her.  The loving advice and encouragement of the regional specialist helped get the process going on the right track:  don’t hesitate, start with full enthusiasm, love and respect, and everything then moves forward with swiftness and joy.  Again, the vision of building spiritual communities was a central part of the initial conversations.
The regional specialist contacted the Local Spiritual Assembly with this report:
This evening I had the privilege of meeting __ over the phone.  We went through Anna's conversation and she is affirmed.  Praise God!  I found her to be intellectual and spiritual.  She came across the Faith after leaving church this Sunday, being a bit annoyed about how it went, looked up at the sky and asked God for a sign.  She wanted to be led to her heart's desire, the truth.  Next she sat down at the computer and started with 'the basic three' (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).  While on one of the sites, a word she had not seen nor heard of popped up:  Bahá’í.  She was curious and clicked on that link.  She did not get up for four hours.  (God answers all sincere prayers.) . . .

After we went through Anna's conversation together, we talked about how Bahá’ís are building the Kingdom in neighborhoods.  All the core activities interest her.  Since she has children, she liked the idea of having Bahá’í children's classes with her children in their home.
So, a few suggestions are:
Keep it simple when it comes to the children’s classes.  Include prayer and singing in each lesson, but start it right away and build on it as you go.
Identify 3 adults who live near her who want to devote a year to helping with the children’s class, and who can tutor a Book 1 study circle when the time is right.
She is eager to continue to learn, serve and be involved.  Do not delay in calling her and asking if you can visit and start a children’s class at her home.  She is ready to dive into the ocean.  So visit and say, “I brought my favorite quotation, would you like to hear it?”  Then really discuss why it touches your heart.
The next steps regarding completing the registration process are to complete eMembership.  Her information is now in the 'pending' queue of  eMembership.
So, I would suggest:
Call her by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.
Ask her if a couple of people could set up a home visit before a week goes by.  Either have 2 women, or a man and a woman, be on the team.
Congratulations on this wonderful addition to the community of the Greatest Name!
The local friends then reported later:
Hi!  Quick update:  Last night was our cluster meeting.  __ was there, plus 4 new Bahá’ís.  She is radiant and has now registered all of her kids as Bahá’ís.  This is a real expression of her trust in the Faith.  It was a very exciting and spirit-filled meeting for all of us.

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