Friday, February 26, 2010

A remarkable ability to naturally bring up the Faith

Here is the latest update from Rio Grande Valley, TX (A).  There is a junior youth group that has been started and is doing well and having the support of the local friends.  The final description of the friends’ capacities is particularly inspiring.
I twice visited the junior youth group that the travel teachers have helped 2 of the local friends have started up.  The group seems like it is doing very well.  Most of the junior youth are composed of the non-Baha'i relatives of the 2 animators (who live in the same neighborhood).  The participants are very attentive and enthusiastic, and they are already discussing what service they would like to do. . . .

Another youth from the wider community has expressed interest in starting up a junior youth group.  We studied the first two units of Ruhi Book 1 and some excerpts from Ruhi Book 5, we had our first meeting with 4 junior youth, which went very well.  Again, the junior youth seemed very enthusiastic, and by the second meeting two days later, they had already started planning different service activities for the future.  Also, on the second meeting, a Bahá’í junior youth joined the group, and two others expressed a desire to join as well.  I heard from a friend in the cluster that this group carried out its first act of service yesterday.  I believe both groups will do quite well.
One family held a devotional while I was there, and because of all the activity taking place at that time, they were able to invite a number of their neighbors and friends, and the devotional was consequently well attended.  A few of us also made a home visit to the mother of one of the junior youth to introduce ourselves and describe a little bit about the Faith.
The members of this cluster seem to have a remarkable ability to very naturally bring up the subject of the Bahá’í Faith with their friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.  Most all the people in the community I met shared this trait.  The community certainly was also trying to open up opportunities for service to more people.

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