Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The many roles of teaching teams

North Salt Lake Valley, UT (A) just launched its intensive program of growth.  A ton of effort, activity and learning has brought the friends to this point.  One important area of learning has been on the roles of teaching teams, and ways in which the cluster core team can encourage increasing numbers of believers to find their niche in supporting the teaching work.
We are realizing the increased importance of teaching teams, which are necessary for us on at least three major fronts:  1) To increase the community of interest by teaching friends, family, neighbors and co-workers, as well as in receptive neighborhoods.  2)  Seeker response:  Teams are needed that can make initial contact with seekers who call the 800-22UNITE phone line or public Web site, and can connect seekers or new Bahá’ís to study circles, particularly Ruhi Book 3.   3) Multiplying and sustaining core activities, especially junior youth groups and children’s classes. . . .

The core team has been exploring ways to continuously expand the circle of human resources in order to sustain and multiply core activities.  We are also exploring ways to increase the number of people involved by encouraging them to engage in the core activities at their comfort level.  For example, if someone does not feel ready to start a devotional gathering, they can support one or even assist someone who is hosting devotions by providing the program, refreshments, etc.

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