Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sharing the vision of a spiritual community

Over time, as a result of our collective experience and the successive guidance from the Universal House of Justice, the “big picture” is becoming ever clearer to the Bahá’ís.  And the friends are becoming increasingly skilled at sharing and communicating that big picture with their friends and neighbors.  A recent example of this is Medford-Ashland-Jackson County, OR (A), where the friends have focused on introducing the vision of creating a spiritual community through the core activities.
We found a receptive area in one locality and visited homes.  Our presentations centered around the concept of “Building A Spiritual Community”.  We invited the parents to bring their children to children’s classes and junior youth classes in their neighborhood center. . . .

We have a very receptive mobile home park manager that has offered to let us use the community room for any of the core activities.
Significant numbers of Bahá'ís arose to support this effort even though it required a major commute for many of them.
We have decided to not take on additional resource-intensive projects, since it is challenging enough to make contact with the parents and involve them in the children’s classes, and we want to make sure we can follow through with that..

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