Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The friends took ownership of the teaching activities

When everybody pitches in and does their share, all those drops add up to an ocean.  This is certainly true in Pasco-Hernando, FL (A) where the friends have just finished another expansion phase of their intensive program of growth.  The widespread personal initiative and ownership of the efforts are reflected in the wonderful results.

The expansion phase of the 4th cycle of the IPG witnessed one of the most energized periods in our cluster.  It started with an afternoon of collective teaching, as well as visiting homes to invite people to a devotional gathering. . . .

The expansion phase has been filled with firesides and devotional meetings throughout the cluster.  The majority of the friends took ownership of teaching activities by personally inviting seekers and members of the community of interest to the activities.
Some highlights:
11 firesides held
7 devotional meetings held
3 neighborhood children’s classes
2 junior youth groups
20 believers from the cluster involved in collective direct teaching
42 seekers and members of the community of interest participated in firesides and core activities
Systematic follow-up plans are made by individual teachers for each seeker.  Additional firesides and devotional meetings will be continued during the consolidation phase.

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