Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Raising the level of the discourse in Scottsdale

One recent endeavor of Bahá’ís all over the world is to raise the level of our discourse with our friends and neighbors (remember the last unit of Ruhi Book 2?).  And so an exciting process is playing out in cluster after cluster, a sweet example of which comes from Scottsdale, AZ (A):  elevated discourse on spiritual topics helps a teaching team discover like-minded individuals in the community, accompaniment to a “hands on” core activity experience, followed by an invitation to become an active contributor to community building through participation in the training institute!
We have been trying various methods to engage in devotionals and study circles with our friends and neighbors in our gated community.  With the help of our teaching team we have started a regular activity of engaging our local neighborhood and community on topics of spiritual import.  To our pleasant surprise, during one of these conversations a neighbor expressed the desire to volunteer and be involved in children’s classes. . . .

So soon after this, one of the teaching team members arranged for this lady to visit some Bahá’í neighborhood children’s classes in the cluster to witness words in action.  While she was visiting the class and observing the process, one of the local friends discussed how the Bahá’í world community, with its identity to serve humanity, is engaged in helping build communities founded on spiritual principles.
This greatly impressed her, and after the visit she accepted an invitation to join a Ruhi Book 1 study circle (and Ruhi 3 after that) so she could participate in the process and help with children’s classes.

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