Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Radio station following local seeker Web site on Twitter

Spring is here, and new flowers are sprouting up everywhere you look.  Another thing that is sprouting up are local Bahá’í community Web sites.  The Portland/Vancouver metro area’s site (covering several clusters) is one example.  It invites seekers to participate in core activities (described in the language of the Ridvan 2008 message), as well as has a multitude of links to other sites, videos, etc.  Very engaging!  And they are learning all the time, as described by one of the friends:
Dear Friends,
The Portland Metro seeker Website ( is gaining momentum.  We recently found that a local radio station is following us on Twitter (  I think what we are finding is that the more local content we put on this site, the more attention we receive.  So drop us a line and let us know what is happening in your neighborhood.  What’s new with your study circle?  What types of service projects are you engaged in?  What are you learning?  What are the youth in your community up to?  We’d love to hear from you!

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