Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"I am soooooo glad to be a Baha'i"

The network of regional level seeker response coordinators help connect seekers and new believers with Bahá’ís that live near them.  As a growing number of individuals are coming to the Bahá’í community through these channels, the friends are approaching consolidation more and more systematically.  For example, one regional coordinator has tried a number of ways to check back with seekers and online registrants and see what core activities they are involved in and how they are finding the local community life.  Here are some excerpts of the questions and answers between the regional coordinator and one new believer:
Q: Regarding continuous learning about the Bahá'í Faith.
A: I have gone to travel teach, and have Bahá’ís come to my home to sing and learn Bahá’í songs.  I am teaching a Sunday school class at my local Bahá’í center. . . .

Q: Are there any changes that you have made in your life because you are a Bahá'í?
A: I have began to be more prayerful, memorizing prayers in English and in my native tongue, I have visited many local Bahá’ís and have had socials, firesides, deepenings, devotionals both at friends' homes and at my home.  I have been more understanding of my family members, less irritable and more patient.  I have given up alcohol, strong/bad language and have tried to curb my tendency to gossip or backbite.  I feel happier and less anxious about life and my situation.  I sing all day with the blessed assurance of Bahá’u’lláh in my life!
Q: Since I've made the decision to join, my feelings about Bahá'í are:
A: A strong conviction that I have made the right decision.  I have found my true family and have come home and am surrounded by people who understand, accept, encourage and support me. I am soooooooooooooo glad to be a Bahá’í!
Q: If you have other questions or comments, please note them here:
A. I need more information regarding the process of electing my Local Spiritual Assembly.
I sincerely have never met a kinder more sincere group of people than the Bahá’ís.

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