Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcoming in a new believer through home visit

Every day, searching souls reach out to the Bahá’í community through channels such as the public Web site or the 800-22UNITE phone line.  That is just the first step in a process of nurturing and welcoming.  And that is where follow-up by the local friends is vital.  Here is a lovely story from Chicago, IL (A) where two of the friends made a home visit to a new believer who had initially connected with the Bahá’ís through the Seeker Response system.
Dear Friends, Allah'u'Abha!
I am writing to share about the home visit that S and I had with __.
We visited him at his apartment.  He graciously received us and shared a lot about his life history as well as the journey towards the Faith.  He stated that he realized that after reading the Bahá’í Prayers, the very same neighbors that he was previously indifferent towards started to look wonderful to him. . . .

S had kindly brought three different books to give to him as a gift, and he was really happy to receive them.
He shared that he had mailed in his declaration card.  I was not sure as were he was along the path of affirmation. Therefore, I shared with him an overview of the Central Figures of the faith, Shoghi Effendi, the Universal House of Justice and the need for obeying the Bahá’í laws as we learn about them.
I offered him the opportunity to ask questions.  He said that he had only one, and that was when the bookstore was open—he expressed interest in going to the House of Worship.
Yesterday, I got a call from some other Bahá’ís who are in a Ruhi Book 2 study circle with S and me.  They had heard the story of __ and graciously offered to take him to the House of Worship.  They have already made plans to pick him up and take him for one of the Sunday devotional services.  I had the bounty of talking to __ again yesterday to confirm that arrangement.  He also shared that he had received his membership card and that he was really happy about it.  He said that I had never been a member of any religion before.
I told him about the 19 Day Feast and that one is coming up next week (now that he has his membership card).  He would like to come and meet other Bahá’ís.

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