Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The classes have really nurtured a Baha'i identity

The Universal House of Justice in its Ridvan 2008 message to the Bahá’ís of the world has expressed the hope that Bahá’í children’s classes can become “centres of attraction for the young” and “strengthen the roots of the Faith in society.”  And in neighborhood after neighborhood around the country, that is exactly what is happening.  Here is one example from Scottsdale, AZ (A) of a child that has developed a Bahá’í identity as a natural result of their participation in the class.
The following is a story that our friends shared with us at our study circle in a receptive neighborhood.
There is a children’s class in that same neighborhood.  The mother of one of the girls in the class had recently given birth, so one of the new Bahá’ís went to visit this mother.  During the conversation with the parents, this girl made it clear to everyone that she considered herself a Bahá’í.  The children’s classes have really attracted the hearts and affected the character of the children and have nurtured them to build a Bahá’í identity.

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