Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She has many questions about the Five Year Plan

This is a touching story of a relatively new believer in a remote location who earnestly wanted to be involved in the Five Year Plan.  She reached out through the regional level seeker response coordinator, who is working to connect her to the friends.  Here is her note to the Auxiliary Board members serving the area.
Dear Friends,
This morning I was honored with a call from M, a believer in a C-cluster in our region.  M became a Bahá'í a few years ago, but has been isolated most of the time since then.  She was inspired by the recent letter from the Regional Bahá'í Council in which the friends were asked to support the intensive program of growth clusters and to say the prayer for the Central States daily.  M has been saying the prayer and she wants to know how she can help.  I encouraged her to call or write to you.  She has many questions about the Five Year Plan.

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