Friday, September 17, 2010

A Desire for Something Better

This new Bahá’í in Tennessee shares his early impressions of the community, as well as some personal reflections about faith:

I have met with the other Bahá’ís at a reflection gathering Saturday night, it was neat . . .  It's beautiful to see Persians, Indians, whites, and blacks all getting together in such unity!  The Bahá’ís could very well be a wonderful example for everyone else, as there are a lot of communities which are very divided.

I've been thinking that my main goal as a Bahá’í should be to live a virtuous life.  To embody certain things like chastity, temperance, prudence, charity, and all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit which were outlined by Paul in several epistles . . . I had always heard that in order to surrender something to God, you must have love for something more -- a desire for something better.

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