Monday, October 4, 2010

At Unit Convention: New believers bring tears to the eyes

A couple from Vermont, newly enrolled in the Faith, showed up at Unit Convention and contributed to the beautiful devotions by singing duets.  It brought tears to the eyes of those present, and the couple received a warm and loving welcome.  Their presence enriched the Convention and they left with many new friends, contacts, and invitations to events.  The husband later sent this note to one of the Bahá’ís:

“____ and I talked last night and again today about how welcome we both felt yesterday.  It was truly an amazing experience.  The entire day was so special, meeting new people, being able to share music, observing how Bahá’ís get business done.  All with NO clergy.  As a former United Methodist Pastor, that was totally incredible.  We are so new, excited, anxious, and so many more emotions.  We received three books and two CD's from our dear friend ______, a Bahá’í, who lives out in ________, NY.  Her note said that these were the first of our Bahá’í library.”

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