Monday, October 18, 2010

Going the Extra Mile to Respond

Many people first contact the Bahá’í Faith through the Seeker Response system (online at, or via the 800-22-UNITE phone number).  An ongoing challenge in responding to the needs of these seekers is finding local friends who will commit to following up, no matter the sacrifice.

The following story, as told by two Bahá’ís from the Central region who recently visited with a seeker, illustrates how they responded quickly and with love.  In addition, because their Regional Council has encouraged home visits as a part of the response process, this husband and wife teaching team drove for over an hour to visit with this seeker in his home.  It is interesting to read what the seeker thought of the Bahá’ís as a result.

We started by asking him what had led him to contact the Baha'is.  He's a Missouri Synod Lutheran, Viet Nam vet, and very open and receptive seeker.  He had already begun looking through the web sites in the e-mail that was sent to him in response to his request for information.  We went through much of Anna's conversation, up to the laws section.  We explained study circles and devotional meetings, and we said a prayer with him.  We left him with a small prayer book and a copy of the Hidden Words.  He said he felt like he had a lot to digest, and will let us know when he wants more.  We will continue to be in contact with him, following up on elements of our conversation as appropriate.

One noteworthy piece of information, related to the seeker response system:  He was very intrigued about the quickness of the responses he's received, saying that we must be VERY organized.  And he was very impressed that we would drive all that way to see him with no expectations or assumptions, instead of simply talking on the phone, or relying on email.  It is amazing to think that there are incredibly open and receptive souls like this all over!

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