Friday, October 15, 2010

Welcoming Others into the Work of the Cause

Every soul should be made to feel welcome to join with the Bahá’í community “in contributing to the betterment of society,” says the Universal House of Justice, “commencing a path of service to humanity”.  The core team of New York City (A-stage) recently reported the following lesson:

Drawing others into the work of the Cause is essential to sustainability.  When once stable resources are no longer available, we are learning to see this as an opportunity for others who have been on the outskirts of an activity to step in.  A children’s class in ____ recently lost a teacher, and this provided an opportunity for a Bahá’í and a few seekers to step in to keep the class going.  That change in resource availability, if paired with accompaniment, training, and encouragement, can be transformed into a wonderful opportunity for others to arise and serve.

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