Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SED: Creating community unity through the Drive-In Theatre

Irene shared this news about her community and a creative way that one volunteer stepped forward to create community unity using a Drive-In Theatre!
I'm thinking of another project getting little notice:  The [city] Drive -In Theatre.  It is an initiative of one quiet person . . . with a purpose of creating community unity within different neighborhoods . . .  [He] contacts the various neighborhood community centers and available fire stations and sets Saturday night dates with them during the summer in which he will bring video equipment and family theme movies, set up an outside screen or use the side wall of the center, advertise the film that will be showing, both in the neighborhood and online, inviting the neighbors to bring their lawn chairs, their children and come and meet their neighbors and watch free old favorite movies.  The community centers are hungry for this kind of service.  The project requires maintaining contact with local police patrols, community centers, fire station staff and local businesses, maintaining his personal equipment and developing a long and growing email contact list.  It is fun.

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