Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SED: Local activities that benefited charities and agencies like "Tail Wagging Tutors"!

Sharon from Florida shares news of activities that have been underway in her community . . . 
I was pleased and happy to complete the National Statistical Offices survey request for Social Economic Activities in [our] Cluster.   Over the past year there have been a number of projects reported to me as the Statistical Officer that exemplify this Baha'i Communities commitment to outreach.   We saw a number of one-time activities that benefited local charities and agencies like the collection of food, clothing, and sporting equipment.  There was the creation of beautiful crocheted blankets, braided bracelets and hand painted rocks for critical ill adults and children.  We have Baha’is sharing principals of love and unity in yoga classes and monthly picnics that stress the importance of friendship and community building.  We have teams of specially trained dogs and owners engaged in a weekly literacy program "Tail Wagging Tutors" at the local library that impact 20-40 children.   Each month a new virtue and song is emphasized so these children are being exposed to moral and spiritual concepts.  This project has been in place weekly for 20 months and without fail.  We have a second therapy dog team [nearby] that visit nursing homes, rehab and juvenile units to just bring a smile to those they meet.   A few of these activities were newsworthy and received newspaper coverage. 
Sharon also looks to the future and importance of information sharing . . .
All of these activities are a vital part of that spirit of Baha'u'llahs that ask us to be generous with our time and resources and to always help those in need.  It is wonderful that the Department of Statistics at the World Center is interested in our efforts.  As such I will encourage our local community to continue reporting these valuable and far reaching efforts.

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