Friday, July 19, 2013

Over dinner: I was profoundly affected by the youth!

One family shared this story about how they were touched by youth visiting them for dinner and sharing the spirit of fellowship and love!

A group of 12 youth arrived Friday and just left last night. They deepened on letters from the House of Justice,prayed and made plans for their three-week campaign. The booklet that was compiled must have been done by the Counselors. Two of the youth who are orchestrating the group had travelled to Montreal and received deepening there. Three of the youth were Native Americans. One Native American chanted prayers. It was out of this world! Before the youth left he chanted a gratitude song with his drum, and each youth came up to us and hugged us and thanked us for the weekend. I am still on cloud nine! It touched me most profoundly.

The impact of this visit continues to resonate . . .

I can't tell you strongly enough how profoundly I was affected by the Native American chanting. He would cry out from his heart and the while house would reverberate! Another youth plays for [a] youth Symphony. She played her violin for us. It was like being at a professional concert! I was eating dinner when she started to play her violin. I couldn't pick up my fork! Her music reverberated throughout the house and everyone became silent.  . . .  They are now out in the neighborhoods [inviting] preyouth to the animators classes, praying together 3 times a day and [studying together in] book 5. Things are changing nation-wide.

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