Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Grin Within - A personal story about becoming a Bahai

A woman in central Texas registered her declaration recently, and this is the story she shared.

Always I have been aware of the presence of the Spirit deep within me. Try as I may, my searching of religions and faiths would leave me wanting. This long seeking was worth the journey . . . I have found the source of the Grin Within...The Pure Spirit of Our Creator.

Recently a friend in Houston wrote the word Baha'i on a piece of paper given it to me. When I read it, I felt a quickening within. I asked my other Houston friend I was staying with what was Baha'i. She told me she was Baha'i for 40 years. She also had grown up around this note giver and his family who all were raised and practice the Baha'i faith for over 30 years. I was excited. It had quickly become evident this was not all coincidence. I could feel and was being shown how God's Plan was evident. That Sunday service [I had attended] was sooo unlike any I had ever attended . . . it just all made so much sense. Intuitively I felt all the Baha'i s I met that day were kindred spirits. Later over lunch with my two Baha'i friends I heard spoken and tried to repeat Ya Bahá'u'l-Abhá. My friend laughed at my expression when I spoke this . . . I felt a spark from within ignite and was left in a state of awe. I did not wait to [register my declaration to become a member of the Bahai Faith]. I wrote and signed my own declaration card!

Prayers I had only in my heart were and are being answered in perfect ways. One blessing after another are being given and shown to me. That next Sunday as I was preparing to attend the Austin's Baha'i Center meeting, I marveled how my world . . . my whole life had been rocked . . . not just rocked, but it had undergone a Tectonic Upheaval . . .

Years before when faced with very real desperation, I was given a prayer for healing.

God's Plan for our life is for:

Peace of Mind
Joyous Activity
True Peace and
Unbroken Progress

and ask to not let your will interfere with God's plan.

The Baha'i faith IS Baha'u'llah’s Plan for my Life!

Ya Bahá'u'l-Abhá!


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