Monday, September 30, 2013

“I actually have ALMOST got to the point of giving up”

Stephanie had been on a search for spiritual truth for quite a while. Here is her story, in her own words.

I just discovered the Bahai Faith, an am very interested. I've been really searching/questioning/studying religions for the past 4 years, since taking a college class on religion. I was raised Christian, but am very unsatisfied with it. Can you send me some literature/books on the faith?

A Bahai reached out to Stephanie, once she made contact through  She left a simple note that said, “I would like to find out more.”  She was mailed a small introductory pamphlet and when she received it, she wrote back sharing more about her journey.

I attended a local college, where I took a religion course. It started me down a road that has shook up everything I was ever taught. For the past few years, I have been almost obsessively researching, studying, attending many religions. Searching for...well, I don't know WHAT exactly, but every faith, every religion seemed to either be prejudiced, cliquish, money-obsessed, or something that I KNOW a being that is capable of creation would not be about.

I actually have ALMOST got to the point of giving up. I believe in science and I believe in god. The 2 do not have to be mutually exclusive. But, the churches around here sure think so.

Well, I came to believe as I studied, that either: EVERY religion is wrong, or EVERY religion is right. No way could an intelligent creator say" hmm..only the Baptists are right, and I'm going to burn all the rest" ! Trying to talk about this with leaders of the churches I've attended left me feeling like I was trying to be hoo-dooed! Or worse, like I was a raving heretic!

So, when I read that the Baha'i Faith believes All the world's religions share a common source, I felt hope for the first time.

I would love to talk with some local Baha'i s. I live in the boonies . . .  lol, so I would guess there's none close to me! I understand there are no "clergy"?

Stephanie has had a few one-hour telephone visits and many shorter ones.  She completed the online form to register her declaration.  Her community shares that she “is extremely active in her community,” and “is a frank and truth-seeking individual.”    

Stephanie is now an enrolled member of the Bahai community.


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