Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm speaking for all 650 youths - Atlanta Youth Conference

I’m from Naples, Florida. I am writing this letter to the beautiful souls who made possible my wonderful experience at the Atlanta Youth Conference. I have no words to express my gratitude towards every single one of you, and of course God. I am so thankful and inspired by all that which took place this past weekend and I only hope I can live up to such grand expectations.

The conference was just unbelievable. The vibe all around that hotel was incredible. Everyone was so enthusiastic and eager to learn. At first, we didn’t know what to expect, we just knew this was a very special moment for all of us. All we could see was smiles and beautiful people. My sister and I were so please to see so many genuinely nice people around and how much they cared for us. That itself was very inspiring and touching for me. I am overwhelmed with emotion every time I think back on that weekend and about all the people that made it possible.

After reflecting back on this conference, I can honestly say this could very well have been one of the most important and influential weekends of my entire life, thus far. In this conference I finally fully grasped the concept of service. I’ve realized that God has entrusted my generation with one of the most vital task of them all: empower those around us and unify the world. The youth is expected to drive forward Baha’u’llahs’ Cause and I honestly felt this conference gave us the inspiration and empowerment needed to do just that. I, along with many others, have made the commitment to selflessly serve our communities. With the tools that the Universal House of Justice has facilitated for us, I believe we are more than ready to take on this task. I say this because after networking with many of my peer youth, we all concurred that if we don’t act and serve for the Cause, no one else will. It’s out time, the future of humankind is currently in our hands; and even though this is a heavy statement to make, I believe is also a blessing, and with God’s presence in our hearts and minds, I know we will come out victorious and leave this world a better place.

I’ve also gain consciousness to the fact that these few years of youth I’ve been granted are meant to serve God and humankind; and I plan on doing just that. I cannot take a year off of school at the moment to serve full time; however, in our next reflection gathering I plan on consulting my thoughts and ideas with the members of the community and set a date when we can start planning and implementing our plans onto the local communities. It is my deepest desire to serve this beautiful Cause; and I will do so restlessly, until the day my physical being gives up. But even then, I know that my soul will continue to serve this most important Cause.

From the most sincere and loving place of my heart, I thank you in the name of all us (my siblings, friends old and new) whom attendance to this magnificent conference you made possible. As I have stated previously, this Youth Conference has changed my life, and I am sure the same is true for the rest of the other 650 attendees. Thank you for all your help and support. I promise to return your kindness in the form of service and endless love for all.

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