Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Seattle Youth Conference - "An amazing experience!"

Gwen has been involved in the Baha'i community on and off for 6-7 years, and most recently attended the Seattle Youth Conference!  She first learned of the Faith from her Baha'i father-in-law when she began dating her husband.  Her husband stays involved in Baha'i activities though hasn't registered [his declaration].  At her husband's invitation, Gwen participated in Ruhi study circles while attending the University several years ago, and remained involved with the [Bahai College Club there] for some time.  After college, many of these friends moved away and her connection with the Baha'is lessened. Over the past year, Gwen has again become more involved.  She shared that she observes the Baha'i Fast and Holy Days, prays daily, and turns to the Kitab-i-Aqdas and [other] Baha'i Writings as the source of guidance for her life.  Gwen shared that attending the Youth Conference was an "amazing experience"!  It occurred to her that the only reason she hadn't registered her declaration to become a Baha'i was because she had never gotten around to it.  It was on her "to do" list today, and now is done!  Gwen is currently training to be a junior youth animator and is looking forward to attending more community activities, such as Feast with the Baha'i community.

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