Wednesday, October 2, 2013

He is drawn to the principle of unity--"This is the Truth! It is so good!"

Emanuel is now a member of the Bahai Faith!  Here is what he shared about himself with his friends . . .
Born into a Muslim and of Nigerian background, Emanuel always felt that Islam was "forced on him" and he practiced briefly out of respect for his father. He later heard about the Baha'i Faith through Baha'i friends who live in this community.  Last month, he attended the Youth Conference near him, and 2 weeks later, signed a card at a Baha'i gathering.   When he asked if the Baha'is had a card for him to sign, his friends gave him a "very long hug."
Emanuel feels "empowered" by the Baha'i teachings; and when he learned about Baha'u'llah, Emanuel shared, "This is the Truth! It is so good!" He also thought, "How can you deny this - it will change the world!  Why not embrace it?" He is drawn to the principle of unity and the importance placed on family.
Two laws that he spoke about were “no backbiting and no prejudice!"
Emanuel is involved in community life with the Bahais. He attends many devotional gatherings and has already completed the course called “Reflections on the Life of the Spirit;” he is now studying the course called “Releasing the Powers of Junior Youth.”


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