Thursday, October 3, 2013

"I didn't understand the various religions either until I became a Baha'i"

Ashley, a young adult from the great lakes area, registered her declaration online just a few days ago and was contacted right away by a Bahai who wanted to meet her and learn more about her interest in the Bahai Faith.  Here is her story, as told by the friend who made contact with her.
Ashley called me back while at work.  She explained that growing up she had no religious affiliation or training.  When she was about to begin high school, a friend recommended an Evangelical Christian school.  Ashley attended this school and identified herself with the Christian faith.  It was in this high school that she first heard the name Baha'i.  Later in college, she pursued a number of different majors but settled finally on religious studies.  She also encountered the Baha'i Faith a little more through her coursework.  There were also a few people she met who were Baha'is and through social media, she read and learned more about the Faith. 
According to Ashley, what really made a difference for her was that she felt the religions came from the same Source and there were very few differences between them.  “Why then was there so much disunity since we all believe in one God?” she asked. 
Wanting to learn more, Ashley went to the library and checked out a book about the Faith.  She read it out loud to her boyfriend, who is also interested in learning more about the Bahai Faith, and exclaimed that what she was reading was exactly what she believed!  “I didn't understand the various religions either until I became a Baha'i,” she explained.

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