Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sandy is in the 12-step program . . . step 7 brought her to God and the Faith

Sandy shared her story with a Bahai who contacted her after she registered her declaration online.

Sandy called back and told me about her spiritual journey.  She is in a 12-step program and entering her 7th step, she felt closeness to God.  This is the step where the soul is asking God to remove personal shortcomings.  Sandy had already been in contact with the local community. She attended a gathering and attended a talk by a well-know Bahai on the topic of bringing unity in one's daily life.  Sandy shared that she had not found the same vision in her previous church.
After talking more about the fundamental verities of the Faith, Sandy asked what would be her next steps.  I encouraged her to begin a study group, to participate in devotional gatherings or to assist with children's classes if she was interested and had the time. 

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