Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Her Mormon friend said that what she believes is Bahá’í

Lisa, age 34, learned from her friend, a Mormon, that what she believes is what the Bahá’ís believe, so she investigated further.  She began reading the book God Speaks Again, and before reading it all the way through she realized . . . “I believe this!  I am a Baha'i!”
More about Lisa is shared here by a Bahai who spoke with her directly.
In our phone call today, Lisa shared that, "This is religion for the new times, and it makes sense.  The new Messengers come and teach new things for new times."  As we talked about how she feels, she said, "It did seem a bit odd to register online, to join a religion.  But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.  It's the perfect thing for this religion, and it makes sense with everything I have read.  New Messenger.  New way to join!  Even joining is modern!"
While talking about her registration, I asked her, "While reading in God Speaks Again and learning about Baha'i, do you believe Baha'u'llah is a Messenger from God?"  Her emphatic response was, "It's kind of hard not to.  Everything makes sense." 
Lisa went to a Catholic school growing up.  Her parents encouraged her to read and decide on her own which religion would be hers.  Her mother always said that this life is spiritual preparation for the life beyond. Something her father emphasized was that all religions are a path to God. He died at an early age, but she now wonders if he too was a Baha’i! 
It amazes Lisa that her parents raised her Christian and Moslem (her father was Iranian) and taught many of the concepts she now finds within the Baha'i Faith.
Lisa went online to www.bahail.us and registered herself and her one-year-old son as members of the Bahai Faith. She is eager to meet other members of her spiritual community!

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