Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Michael said that he always felt like a Bahai . . .

Twenty years ago, Michael’s uncle investigated the Bahai Faith, and now he too is interested in joining.

Michael called back. He told me that as a child of 9 for about 8 years, he attended Bahai community activities and devotionals.  When he turned 18, he went to college and served in the military after that.  He tried to contact the Baha'is during this time but it was not a good period of his life.  He shared that there was a timeframe when he considered himself a Christian but that he never completely fit it.  Now living in a new town, he has recently connected with a young adult group at the University.  They host devotional gatherings and are together studying the book Paris Talks. 
Michael shared with me that he has always felt like a Baha'i and this is where his spiritual journey has lead.  He is now ready to join the community as a member.

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